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Friday, May 05, 2006


Columbine's Third Shooter

There Were Others Involved

What is never discussed is the amount of explosives, 95 bombs, that were placed around the school, and who did it. The other buried item is the 52 witnesses that saw a third shooter.

A quick look at Klebold’s videos show that this was a tight knit group of 12 kids. Some were buying guns, and others were building bombs, and they all starred in five videos. Besides the 52 witnesses, there were two Trench Coat Mafia (TCM) members describing details.

What Happened?

It appears that there was a power struggle between the FBI’s Dwayne Fuselier and Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone. For all the carnage and intrigue, the investigation consisted of 12 short interviews with Chris Morris, Nathan Dykeman, Brooks Brown, and nine others. These people destroyed their hard-drives and bluffed Sheriff Stone's staff on lie detector tests.

Third Shooter Resurfaces

As the investigation dragged on, and some of the TCM members started to crack, their families were threatened. One TCM member's father hada bizarre lab accident, but the most serious was the execution of Stephanie Hart, who could identify the third shooter with the mask on. On Feb 15, 2000, at 10:55( AM OR PM?) TCM members stalked out a sub sandwich shop where Stephanie picked up her boyfriend, then a shooter executed the two with a bullet to the back of each of their heads.

Sheriff Stone

When Sheriff Stone arrived at the scene and saw the bodies, with the cash register untouched and the video surveillance tapes missing, he went into a rage shouting – “"Enough is enough". I think at that point that Stone decided to let Columbine die.

Go here for the whole story

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Who Are These Iraqi Death Squads?

They drive new SUVs, they carry the latest weaponry, and they hit like a well-oiled bank robber. They will pull into a Sunni leader’s home, dressed in Iraqi police garb, with police emblems on their SUV’s. They approach and kill the bodyguards, and then brutally massacre the religious leader, as well as his family

Their Tactics

In broad daylight in Baghdad, they enter key businesses, where they kill the security personnel, then kidnap the owners. Oddly, they never go for ransom. They just kill the individuals (head shot or slit the throats), and then throw the bodies on a crowded street.

The Teams

The personnel are handpicked mercenaries, usually psychotic ex-special forces, or ex-SWAT. The organization behind them is the Israeli Mossad, and the teams are mercenaries paid for by US taxpayers

Their Goal

Their purpose is civilian terror, which leads to civil war, and the only beneficiary is Israel.

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