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Monday, March 27, 2006


Mossad Motto 'By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War'

For years, Zionists have manipulated events for the purpose of having others fight their wars. In Gaza, they established Hamas as a recruiting center for enraged Arabs, then IDF soldiers wantonly kill most of a family, leaving a couple male survivors behind. Suddenly one day, a visitor from Hamas shows up at the men's door, offering them a chance at revenge.

In Iraq, our government has thousands of Israeli advisors floating around our military bases, privy to all areas and Intel. In a normal operation, an Israeli intelligence agent finds a patrol’s route and relays it to Israeli contractors, who then plant a bomb, and two Arabs in a car are given the detonator.

The Marines walk down the route, the Arabs detonate the bomb, a few Marines are killed and maimed, and the other Marines seek revenge. Now, Israel moves to the next level, whereby they document the revenge to escalate the incident. Once again, Israel has recruited Arabs to act as their fodder.

A big operation is underway. IDF demolition experts blew up a 1500 year-old Mosque in Samarra, and they spread rumors that Americans did it. They have used their 'Contractors/Mercenaries' to act as death squads, kidnapping and killing Iraqis by the hundreds over the last 2 months.

The recent propaganda of films, and the documenting of two massacres by Marines, says they are laying the groundwork for a massive False-Flag terror attack. That operation may well be the stepping stone needed for the invasion of Iran.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


There Are Monsters In Blog Hollow

Take note, boys and girls, mommies and daddies, there are monsters out there. Before you enter into the land of 'Blog Hollow' you best carry the medallion of protection, the Star of David.

We now know that Klebold and Harris of Columbine, Weise of Red Lake Massacre, the three 'prankster' Alabama Arsonists, went into the blogs and they paid an awful price. Just yesterday a blogger in Seattle killed six.

President Pollick, the dean of Birmingham Southern, has told his students that careless blogging can scar you with the stain of the scarlet pimpernel. He warns that colleges will monitor your messages, that employers can find years worth of your evil thoughts in blog caches. Birmingham's police will monitor everything you type, so don't spread rumors about DeBusk, Moseley, and Cloyd. .

It appears that Zionists are becoming a little frightened by not being able to control the flow of quality information that bloggers bring forth to the world.

Get on board the 'Good ship ADL', listen to Abe Foxman, stay out of the blogs, or else!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Zionist Propaganda Endangers Marines

On March 20,2006, the NY Post publishes this.

Marines hellbent on avenging the death of one of their own went on a killing spree last year - shooting unarmed Iraqi men, woman and children dead in their own homes - then covered it up as a bomb attack, Time magazine reports. Time says it has a video of the slaughter. NY Post

You have had numerous ambushes that can be traced to Israeli intelligence. Abu Ghraib used Israeli interrogators, as well as the execution of civilians by Mossad death squads and the bombing of the Mosque at Samarra, etc. Israel wants a civil war in Iraq, and their propaganda push endangers Marines as well.

In a typical ambush, an Israeli advisor knows a patrol's route and schedule. Israeli contractors then ambush the Marines in a hideous fashion. The Marines retaliate, and then the Zionist -controlled media publishes details of it to enrage Muslims.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Church bombers arrested

Goldstein’s arrest had Tampa's SWAT terrified

He had a Mossad Sayinim team in place and they were going to hit a bunch of churches

After 30 minutes, Goldstein came out of the home and talked with deputies. At 9 p.m., deputies searched the townhome.
They found an arsenal: two light anti-armor rockets, a .50-caliber sniper rifle, hand grenades, assorted guns and assault rifles and 20 homemade bombs, among other lethal weapons and magazines and articles on how to build destructive devices. Article

Goldstein's rap sheet


When Zionists Short Circuit And Attack

Alabama Church Terrorists

Three Zionists that were mad at the Southern Baptists

Yona Rabinowitz

Building pipe bombs to attack churches over Israeli divestment

Dr Goldstein

He planned to assault a Mosque and kill hundreds of Muslims

No One Gets To The Core Problem

Everyday we see this plague called Zionism erupting in violence, but it is written off as isolated incidences. The problem is the Talmud, the Rabbis, Hollywood, etc. have planted the seeds of hatred in many average Jewish people's psyches.

Years Of Propaganda

These poor kids are raised on a diet of Holocaust stories, and stories of Gentile hatred and mistrust. The Rabbis tell them to bond as a unit, or become a casualty of Gentile revenge for ‘Blood libel’. They turn on the 6:00 news and see Palestinians bombing a bus. After dinner, they get to watch a history channel special on the Holocaust.

Finally They Explode

Normal college kids like DeBusk, Cloyd, and Mosley, start burning churches. They listened to ADL propaganda about how Southern Baptists were out to convert them from Judaism to Christianity, so they finally sent a message.

Pictures and details of arsonists

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