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Saturday, April 22, 2006


The Columbine Massacre Unravels

Columbine has never made any sense. On a close examination of eyewitnesses, and events, one can easily see that there were at least seven people involved, and maybe a third shooter.

Basically, there were 100 bombs found that day, and Klebold and Harris didnt' bring them in alone. And the fact that an eyewitness said he saw two cars, with seven kids, at the school early that morning confirms there were accessories to the massacre.

John Stone, the Sheriff of Jefferson county at the time, believed there were others involved, but he was constantly blocked by an FBI agent named Dwayne Fuselier. To make matters worse, Fuselier had two sons in the Trench Coat Mafia, and the FBI saw no conflict of interest.


The standard motive for the massacre is gun control, and that leads back to Zionists. There was a rash of similar incidences from Australia to the United Kingdom. The latest revelation is that Fuselier is Jewish, and that fuels the fire that Columbine was a Zionist black op, to foster the emotional climate needed to push strict gun control measures forth.

The number one site on Columbine

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