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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Church Burning Is No Hate Crime, Claims SPLC

“These Church Fires Not A Hate Crime”, Declares SPLC

Mark Potok, a principal at the Southern Poverty Law Center, says the church fires may be the work of pranksters, but are no hate crime. All very puzzling, because the SPLC, and the ADL, build their public image around the moment when they can embrace, and protect the Negro, from southern KKK and hate mongers.

In A Similar 1998 Incident

In 1998, in Sacramento, there were three synagogues, and one abortion clinic, set on fire, and the ADL pulled out all stops. Luckily, they found a hate flyer which led them to two brothers, Matthew and James Williams, who were quickly convicted and sentenced to 30 years, and a $1,001,255 fine. The ‘ADL Hate monitoring group’ provided most of the evidence.

Oddities About Sacramento

The main damage was to a basement meeting room, where the kitchen was located. Firemen say it appeared to be a grease fire, but Jews said it was arson, and that $1,000,000 of irreplaceable scrolls were lost.

An Even Stranger Tale

A similar instance happened in 1983, in Hartford Conn, where 2 synagogues, and two Jewish homes were firebombed. Oddly, the culprit was a 17 year-old Jewish boy named Barry Dov Schuss, who the Judge ordered a mental examination on.

Why aren't the Alabama church fires considered a hate crime? You have to wonder why are the Jewish "anti-hate watchdog" groups, and the TV evangelists, so quiet on the matter.

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