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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Zionists And Mass Murder

As Zionists have plotted to take over the world, mass murder has been one of their favorite tools. In the early 1900's, in Russia, it was famine, and the gulags. In 1939 Germany, it was World War Two. In 2006, it could be bird flu.

The Plan

Zionists might create a scenerio where a mysterious illness is about to ravage the world, and then have select sayanim (Mossad civilian assistants) infect a targeted population. Once an epidemic is raging, hitting specific targets leaves no suspicion.

Implementing The Plan

Zionists create a crisis, and establish the team that will solve it. The fact that Bush is providing $6 billion as funding, and is working with who has Dov Zakheim as its Senior Vice President, raises all sorts of flags. When you see John Dillinger at the local bank, you got to wonder.

A Possible Scenario

Zionists might commit a false flag nuking of a US city, and follow up with this bird flu. A computerized plan by Booz Allen Hamilton, has laid out the scenario. The mouthy professor at some Ivy League school had better watch out who he eats with.

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