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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Zionists Maybe Behind Two Other Alabama Church Fires

During February of 2006, there was a string of nine fires in southern Alabama, and three college students, who are believed to be Jewish, were arrested on March 8. Within two days, the Zionist-controlled press declared them as ‘Teenagers from good families, pranksters, future artists and doctors, that got drunk and made a mistake’. Over the next two days, the Governor jumped in and said, ’These were pranksters, and there is no Hate Crime’.

On March 12th, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert R. Armstrong Jr. had said the three suspects could be released on bonds of $50,000 each, provided they stay away from alcohol, cars, and home computers. Things suddenly changed when local authorities stood up. On March 13th, Alabama State Attorney-General Troy King issued arrest warrants, and stated they were a flight risk. On March 29th, a grand jury returned a 10-count indictment.

Suddenly, there was a new rash of church fires and some speculate these are a warning to Alabama officials to back off the prosecution of the three arsonists. On March 24th, the Faith Church of the Nazerene was burned, and on April 2nd, the Black Community Church was burned. Fire Captain Ronnie Davis says the fires started in the sanctuaries, and these seemed very professional.

There were three fireman hurt, over $2 million in damages, DUI, poaching, arson, mailboxes destroyed, farmers' livestock killed, marijuana, civil rights violations, and hate crime charges pending. If these three get sentenced to any substantial time, many experts feel that they will flee to Israel, and Alabama will see the Wrath of Zion as retaliation.

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