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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The World Trade Center Collapse

The WTC towers were the premiere landmarks of New York City. You don't build the tallest buildings in the world, in the busiest air corridor on the planet, without factoring in a jet hitting them. You certainly are going to take fire into account. Then you have the strange fact that they both collapsed in a precise and controlled manner.

And to compound this, you have the oddities of Flight 77, where a 757 flies for 62 minutes and penetrated a gauntlet of 420 fighters, hit the Pentagon, and there wasn't a single picture of the event. And now comes Flight 93, where passengers dive an airplane into the ground to save Bush and Rumsfeld.

Read about the Madrid skyscraper fire, in which a building identical in design to the World Trade Center withstood an inferno for two days.

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